Sports Fans 

We at Collins & Slagle take our sports seriously. We love to huddle in the frosty temperatures at Nationwide Area to cheer on our underdog Blue Jackets and stretch out in the sunshine at Huntington Park as we share our Columbus Clipper’s season tickets with friends. However, two of our favorite sports are football and basketball – no doubt. The beginning of fall always means it’s time to cheer on our beloved Buckeyes and what better way to celebrate their inevitable victories than with some friendly office competition! Football Squares is our game of choice. The weekly winner has the honor of displaying the beloved trophy in their personal office. At the end of the season, the firm member with the most points wins the trophy (and bragging rights) until the following season! The best part of the competition is remembering our late friend, Mr. Terry Allen, who is

the true name of the game i.e., Terry Allen Ohio State Football Memorial Tournament, Established 2010. Mr. Slagle was our 2016 winner! Check out his winning photo below.

Come March, we expand our competitiveness with friends, fellow attorneys, and other professionals to take on the annual March Madness tournament. We run two competitions – one for the office and one for our friends. Of course, the office competition includes a winner’s trophy (and more bragging rights) for display as well as a prize! Our paralegal, Nicole Lisi, was our 2017 winner walking away with the shiny trophy and a brand-new Apple Watch! Check out that winning smile below! Coleen Barber was our main competition winner for the 2017 season. She walked away with over 1500 points and two new Apple Watches! You can see their excitement in our pictures below