C&S Team

Ehren Slagle 

Managing Partner
OSBA Certified Specialist

Since joining C&S in 2001, Ehren has been an integral part of all aspects of the firm’s cases and operations.  Ehren is primarily lead counsel on cases and the main contact point for clients.  Ehren is team-oriented and works with everyone at C&S to deliver the highest quality legal services to our clients.

Email: eslagle@collins-slagle.com

Phone: 614-228-1144 Ext. 2

Philip Collins

Attorney – of counsel

Phil established the firm in 1977 and instilled into its culture the hard working, client-focused, competitive, and genuine nature that continues to shape the firm’s approach to this day.

Email: pcollins@collins-slagle.com

Phone: 614-228-1144 Ext. 3

Kathryn Traven 


Kathryn is a dynamic part of the firm’s operations. She works alongside the partners in the firm to develop case plans and effectuate the clients’ objectives through legal drafting and research.  She also helps clients understand the legal process, their case plan, and how the two dovetail to achieve the clients’ goals.

Email: ktraven@collins-slagle.com

Phone: 614-228-1144 Ext. 4

Allison Tracey


Allison’s practice focuses on legal research and analysis, and legal drafting.  Allison works to find creative solutions for clients, and her strong communication skills helps the firm advocate for our clients while keeping them well-informed and at ease.

Email: atracey@collins-slagle.com

Phone: 614-228-1144 Ext. 5

The C&S Advantage

C&S is a modern law firm built on the idea of providing sophisticated legal services by leveraging technology and working as a team to efficiently achieve our client’s goals.  Our team combines hard-work, collaboration, and competitiveness to resolve matters by agreement, while also thriving in the adversarial process.

  Team Based Approach

Collaboration, transparency, communication, and care are hallmarks of our services. We use prompt, effective communication to keep clients advised in all phases of their representation, including planning, strategies, negotiations, settlement, and litigation. Internally, we constantly collaborate and push each other to find the best solutions.

  Elevated Personal Attention

We provide comprehensive counseling and advocacy for individuals and small businesses, while providing the personal attention of a small firm.  Our experience, knowledge of the law, and advanced technology allow us to provide our clients with the highest quality legal services and with customized and personal attention.

  Technology Fueled Practice

We are a cloud-based, paperless office providing higher efficiency and greater accessibility for clients.  Our innovative office is located in The Arena District adjacent to Huntington Park in a modern warehouse that matches our modern law practice.  The modern space reflects our efficient, digital workflow.

  Enhanced Approach

Case plans are developed and tailored to clients’ goals.   We provide education about the various processes, we are results-focused, and we provide excellent availability with prompt response time.  We utilize a network of affiliated professional consultants to provide our clients with specialized services when appropriate.

When We Aren’t Practicing Law