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Hear It From Our Clients

“I hired Ehren to handle my mom’s estate through probate. He and his team were fantastic to work with and did an excellent job. They took me through every step of the process, making sure that I understood what they were doing and what I needed to do. They were always quick to respond to my emails and answered all of my questions thoroughly. It was a smooth and easy experience from beginning to end. I would gladly recommend Collins & Slagle to anyone needing the legal services they provide.”


“Ehren was always undoing the terrible legal counsel of my ex wife that made the same false assertions about total stock trades not equalling the amount of money you have. The opposing counsel (lets call her judith) made this false assertion at divorce and again 7 years later. She was 100% wrong but Ehren was able to undo it. He was always very professional even when I was not pleasant. He was always up on the current details of the case and never had any issues like my ex wife’s attorney. I know I could not do his job and we finally got a reasonable result so I am as content as I can be. Would recommend him.”


“Ehren represented me throughout my divorce proceedings. Ehren is responsive, professional, honest and thorough in his work. I would highly recommend Ehren and his team.”


“Ehren and his team were extremely beneficial to me as I navigated through a dissolution. We battled 2 people at once, and he was a great professional sounding board throughout the whole process. He came to me through a recommendation from a friend. Now, I am recommending him to you!”


“A calming force. Nobody goes into marriage expecting the need to be an expert in divorce. Ehren was patient in answering all of my many questions during a year long process. He helped me keep the emotions out of my decisions and guided me to make intelligent choices even when you want to hit the battle ground. In the end, this saved me considerable legal fees and an even longer process. Ehren was always responsive and available as needed. Not the case with the other lawyer involved. Ehren was referred to me, and I gladly refer him to anyone going through a less than desirable outcome of marriage. He will get you through this and to the finish line.”


“Mr. Slagle is a wonderful attorney that we would be happy to recommend to family and friends. His guidance through the whole process was was a great experience.”


Sound legal representation with a personal commitment to you – Ehren was recommended to me through a colleague and I was very pleased with the service, the responsiveness, the attention, and the sound legal advice that I received. Ehren and his partners and his staff are very knowledgeable and worked diligently on my case and were willing to work with me, listen to my concerns, offer reasonable legal strategies, and do it in a way that was compassionate. Divorce is a very personal matter because of the emotion and people involved but in the end it really is a business matter that allows people to find a way to move forward with their lives. Ehren recognizes both sides of that (the personal side and the business side). I appreciated working with these folks and would recommend them if you are in need of good divorce/dissolution representation.


There isn’t anyone better- Mr. (Awesome) Ehren Slagle, is by far the best. From initial consultation to finalization Mr. Slagle and his staff were above board on every issue. The case, a reunification where the mom had been absent for over 5 years, where the father feared the system and felt overwhelmed, in comes Mr. Slagle and team from a comprehensive game plan to a final outcome that was exactly as he had explained it. We could not be more satisfied with this firm. After hours calls, quick and efficient emails and communication, not one time did I feel I was not getting the representation I needed. A truly unique case, a thousand percent satisfied.


I was referred to Ehren to help resolve a significant financial dispute between myself and a previous employer. Ehren treated me with tremendous patience, courtesy and respect as well as always looking at my best interest. He was always available, extremely knowledgably about the circumstance and worked with me on the appropriate strategy to resolve the issue. Just an all around great person, very professional and always available.


Ehren and the firm helped us on a case with taxes, estate taxes, and all the paperwork that goes along with a will. We could not have managed without him and his team.

-R and B-

Ehren handled my recent dissolution. I was very impressed with him and Colleen throughout the entire process. They did an excellent job explaining my options, acting quickly once decisions had been made, and promptly returning emails and phone messages (even after normal business hours). I truly appreciate the thorough and professional treatment my case received from Ehren and Colleen. I would not hesitate to recommend Ehren and/or his firm for any legal needs.


Ehren and his team were absolutely outstanding with my custody case. Ehren was professional and knowledgeable in this area as well as sensitive to my circumstances. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to go through, but felt supported by Ehren and his firm the whole process.


When faced with an unwanted divorce, I was able to consistently rely upon Ehren’s calm, steady and sound advice leading me through a very emotional time. Always professionally responsive, Ehren really listened to my needs. The final settlement he was able to secure on my behalf was much better than expected. More importantly, it helped me close the cover on a tough period and get on with the rest of my life with confidence. That is priceless. I highly recommend Ehren and his team for your family law needs.


Ehren is definitely someone who understands and has mastered his craft! He has a truthful way of letting me know the harsh realities of the legal system while not being demeaning. Ehren was great at letting me know when I had flexible options…and then explaining each in good detail, or in other cases when there was only limited courses of action that could be taken. I appreciated that Ehren never made promises about what would happen inside the courtroom, yet he had a excellent “knack” for just happening to be right when it came to how things would work out. My case was full of unexpected turns and situations that made this anything short of a straight-forward custody case, yet Ehren kept me informed and prepared all the way through. What I feel should not be sold short is Ehren’s communication outside the courtroom. At the height of my case, Ehren would give me updates pretty much daily because of communication that he had with the other parties involved. He truly made me feel like I was his only client at the time and that he had devoted his whole life to working on my case. In the end, everything worked out for the best for me and I have to give a very large portion of that credit to Ehren Slagle!


I retained Ehren Slagle’s service in February 2015 for what we both hoped to be a smooth dissolution. My spouse refused to engage in the peaceful process so it escalated into a contested, high-conflict divorce. Given Ehren’s knowledge and expertise, he consulted with me and explained my options. Once decisions were made, he promptly followed through and communicated with me on a regular basis. Through the process, I didn’t just see Ehren practice law, but study law to find solutions for my difficult case. While in the courtroom, Ehren was always prepared, professional, and appropriately aggressive towards opposing counsel. I am thankful I retained a highly skilled attorney that advocated for me with integrity. The divorce process can be difficult, but I now have peace with my decision and favorable outcome as a result of Ehren’s hard work on my case. I would recommend Collins and Slagle’s firm if you are seeking out representation that is honest, talented, committed, responsive and scholarly. Thank you Ehren. This decision has changed my life for the better and I could not be prouder that we stood tall and battled for my hard earned retirement but also my freedom. Life is good and God is good. FIST BUMP!


A winning attitude and grit to see a complicated case through…………Philip Collins is responsive, thorough, and creative in his advice. He is also genuinely collegial with others handling other parts of my legal problems. He helped me develop a strategy and plan to win. Phil is analytical, thorough, and, most importantly, gives practical legal advice in layman’s terms regarding complex convoluted legal issues. He listens carefully to my questions and comments and he responds quickly and clearly with analysis and advice aimed directly at the issue with a strategy and plan. He has the GRIT to stick with the case to see the case through to get the legal issues sorted, develop and coordinate a strategy and plan which will meet my personal goals/outcome.


I highly recommend Philip Monroe for legal services. I was very please with how he handled my case. I contacted him and he spent quite a bit of time with me on the phone explaining the process and making recommendations for specific items. He was very patient and answered all of my questions. He made my disillusion as painless as possible and it was very affordable. I was moving to Texas and we only had a week to accomplish everything. He and Danielle did an excellent job of getting everything completed and filed before I left for Texas. Also, Phil was able to hold my final hearing via Skype so that I didn’t have to return to Columbus. I am very pleased with how my disillusionment was handled and I am thankful that I was referred to Phil. I would not hesitate to use Phil and his firm again should I need legal representation for the services he provides.


I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Collins on numerous cases, and have always found him to be an intelligent and zealous advocate for his clients. He has an excellent reputation that is well-deserved, and I highly recommend him.


A divorce is always going to be a difficult experience, but I am very grateful to have had Ehren as a partner in the process. He always had a clear understanding of my goals and was able to quickly communicate the key points at every step. I think of him as a good friend who helped me through a difficult time. I would and will recommend him without reservation.


Hired Mr. Collins and his firm for a will contest. Mr. Collins and his staff treated us with respect and dignity. His handling of the case was more then we could have imagined. He has also inquired about our well being after the case was over. I consider him a friend.


My case had some complex elements that required an attorney who would give careful attention to my input. I was glad to discover that Ehren not only allowed, but anticipated, many of my ideas concerning how to keep a focus on the facts. He was honest from the start about the potential for success in this type of libel suit. We didn’t achieve the best outcome but it was the best possible in this set of circumstances. In retrospect, I might have fared better filing against a single party rather than several opponents who were able to apply tag team tactics. We had to contend with multiple attorneys and a frivolous countersuit. We might have avoided some of the chaos by narrowing the scope of my complaint. However, the final decisions were always mine. I was well-informed about all legal considerations, kept up to date, and had every question answered. The support team at the office offered outstanding and timely assistance. I chose an attorney with scrupulous integrity and don’t regret that because it represented the very purpose of my defamation suit. Some of the opponents’ tactics caught me by surprise and at times I felt we allowed them to control the process. But I didn’t want any sacrifice of principles and Ehren was without a doubt the right attorney to preserve that approach. I needed an attorney I could respect, and after spending many hours observing the opponents, the only attorney in the room at the end of the day that I felt had earned respect was mine. It was a stressful and difficult process and I doubt I would undertake this type of civil proceeding again. My takeaway from the experience is that it’s critical to have an attorney that you not only trust, but can respect regardless of the outcome, win, lose or draw. If honor, dignity, and integrity are important to the client, they must matter greatly to the attorney as well, and I found that to be the case with Ehren Slagle.


Ehren and the firm represented me at the absolute worst time of my life – the murder of my sister. I just can’t speak highly enough about Ehren’s compassion and the professionalism of he and the staff. While I would not wish this situation on anyone, I would highly recommend the attorneys and staff at Collins & Slagle.


Ehren and his team did everything they could to support me during an unwanted and difficult divorce. Ehren made sure to make me feel as comfortable as possible in the courtroom and through the entire process. I can not thank him enough for explaining everything and making sure I understood all the court lingo. I highly recommend Ehren for his integrity, professionalism and determination to help his clients succeed.


Ehren and his team offered me clarity and understanding of a very difficult process. Not only did he provide excellent legal advice, he acted as a great sounding board for my thoughts and aspirations to move forward. My outcome was much better than anticipated and he was genuinely concerned about my welfare.


I cannot express my gratitude for the personal, considerate and professional handling of my dissolution by Ehren Slagle. He and his team were always caring and efficient in this very stressful and sensitive matter. I highly recommend their services.


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